Today I decided to work from a “Draw This” video on YouTube but it became extremely frustrating.

The DrawThis videos on YouTube are great, I’ve drawn from them many times. They are a great resource to use if you want a simulated life drawing experience. But for some reason today, I could not draw well at all. It seemed like every line I put down was wrong and as I progressed through the poses I became more and more agitated. This has never happened to me before and I hope it doesn’t happen again.

I think next time if I feel myself getting so upset I will put the drawing down and come back later after a walk in nature or something. Art is not easy it takes a combination of muscle memory, delicacy and a focused mind to accomplish well and today I didn’t have any of that going for me. I should have recognized that and just taken a long break.

Fundamentals: Extreme Frustration
1min gestures
Fundamentals: Extreme Frustration
1min gestures
Fundamentals: Extreme Frustration
2min gestures
Fundamentals: Extreme Frustration
5 min
Fundamentals: Extreme Frustration
10 min


  • Session: 1913
  • Work: 1389
  • Width: 18"
  • Height: 24"
  • Medium: Charcoal
  • Location: Home
  • Art Time: 1.5
  • Creative Time:



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  1. I just talked about this on my blog, but these quick drawings are like Behavior Momentum. They are warm ups to get your momentum going and get the feel of your materials and subject.
    Or maybe I’m wrong. I think these drawings are great practice and ways to get your momentum going.

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