Fundamentals: Don’t Blame the Model

A bad model is not very inspiring but that is no reason for the drawing to be bad.

I picked a random video for tonight’s drawing session and the model is not very experienced. This is a normal part of life drawing, sometimes you have a great model with amazing poses that curse your inferior skills for not being able to capture such magnificence. Then there are days like today where your just hoping the model will assume a pose not resembling a stiff inanimate object.

Regardless of how well the model is posing we are still looking at a human body and we should be able to draw it well. I should be able to draw it well, but today, and the past few days, I’ve just been off my game. It’s not the models fault, if I was drawing people in a natural setting I believe that post of the positions they would be in would be fairly stiff. So why couldn’t I draw this model well today? Is it my lack of skills?

I have a choice to face my faults and try to conquer them or… I can just blame it on the fact that I have a cold.. haha!

Fundamentals: Don't Blame the Model
1 Minute
Fundamentals: Don't Blame the Model
1 Minute
Fundamentals: Don't Blame the Model
2 Minute
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  1. Well, if your cold was anything like my allergies last week, I can understand the lack of focus and energy. Taking care of our physical health helps with our life ambitions, its’ proven science.


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