Fundamentals: Creativity 101

Being a creative person is not just all about joy and whimsical passion there is some science behind it.

I’m not a writer, but my wife is and she is great at it. I could sit here and try to explain some wonderful concepts or I could send you to her website with one of her latest posts which is about creativity. It’s a great read and the ideas discussed are what allows me to create art daily.

For drawing today, it wasn’t much different from yesterday except that I was focusing a bit more on just heads with the short 1 minute drawings. For the rest I’m still trying to see the big shapes and get the whole figure down within a few minutes, simply and accurately. One thing that I think I’m going to try on my next session is standing up and drawing with charcoal sticks. I think this will be much harder but it will also be closer to painting.

Fundamentals: Creativity 101
1 Minute
Fundamentals: Creativity 101
2 Minute
Fundamentals: Creativity 101
5 Minute


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