I’m only drawing a bit each day but it is better than the alternative.

Five plus years ago when I started my daily art project I knew that I would have these times in my life where my motivation was waning and doing some kind of art every day would feel like a choir. I made my daily goal easy to reach just for this reason. All I have to do is some artwork for at least 30 minutes a day. It’s easy to scoff at and think it will amount to nothing but the alternative is just that. The purpose of this simple daily goal is to prevent complete stagnation and lack of moving forward. Yes it’s only a little a day but the alternative is doing nothing and I’ve done that too many times in my life and it led to a lot of lost time. Don’t underestimate 30 minutes a day, the extra 1% or the single drop in a bucket. It collects, it grows and hopefully will someday become a torrent of creativity.


  • Session: 1962
  • Work: 1438
  • Width: 18"
  • Height: 24"
  • Medium: Charoal
  • Location: Home
  • Art Time: 0.5
  • Creative Time:



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  1. Yes! Keep going, and don’t worry about how the work is turning out. Know how good you will feel when you have completed another day of art, even only 30 minutes, versus how you would feel if you quit on yourself.

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Chris Beaven

I am an Artist and a programmer currently living in the amazing state of Washington. I have a passion for art, but I'm stubborn as hell with it. My day is complete only when I do some piece of art each day, no matter how small. "There was a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile."