Fundamentals 2: Value Scale

Today I’m working on breaking down the light and shadow shapes into two distinctive areas. This is a great exercise and one that I will continue to repeat.

If your drawing doesn’t work at this point, it will never work.

I find this quote from Jeff Watts to be so true, I paraphrased a bit, but the main ideas is that if your drawing isn’t accurate or proportioned well at this point then there is nothing you can do to it moving forward that will make it better. No amount of value can fix bad drawing.

The Setup

chris-beaven-charcoal-watts-course-2-061115After wasting sheets of paper and printer ink to print out several of the references I became frustrated with my printer and decided to setup my iPad as my reference. I found this to be much better. The image has more clarity, there is no waves in the image like with ink soaked paper and it doesn’t cost any extra. The only issue I have found is that the glass scree will reflect light so I have to make sure to wear dark colors so I don’t reflect in the shadow shapes of my reference.


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