Fundamentals 2: Negative Shapes

More atelier work tonight with another set of tasks that look much easier than they really are.

The Drawings

chris-beaven-charcoal-watts-course-1-061015 Warmup.


chris-beaven-charcoal-watts-course-2-061015 I started tonights session with three shapes. I wanted to revisit this before I do the contour and negative shape work.


chris-beaven-charcoal-watts-course-3-061015Contour work on a printed figure that I figured out later was way too small and dark.


chris-beaven-charcoal-watts-course-4-061015Side by side


chris-beaven-charcoal-watts-course-5-061015 Same figure, but this time I made it larger, but the image was still dark and hard to see through the tracing paper. I ended up drawing directly on the printed image for the next one, but I didn’t take a picture of it.


chris-beaven-charcoal-watts-course-6-061015My attempt at a lay-in for this figure. I have a long way to go.


chris-beaven-charcoal-watts-course-7-061015Negative shapes work. I have know about this concept for many years but it’s really nice to focus on it as a particular exercise. It has reminded me that I don’t use this process enough and it could make drawing anything much easier.



Session Details