Fundamentals 2: Contour

On to more fundamentals study today. I only spent an hour because it was late before I got started. It’s so hot here that most of the day is wasted just trying not to overheat and stay cool. I have to wait till 9:30 just to get moving and by that time I’m already getting pretty tired.

The Drawings

chris-beaven-charcoal-fundamentals-2-contour-warmup-06081520 minute warmup


chris-beaven-charcoal-fundamentals-2-contour-mapping-060815Contour line mapping


chris-beaven-charcoal-fundamentals-2-contour-mapping-2-060815Contour line mapping setup. I realized that I don’t have any good anatomy books… I need to rectify that.


chris-beaven-charcoal-fundamentals-2-contour-setup-060815Copy attempt from a Jeff Watts drawing. If you ever see something and think it’s easy, then try it yourself. Most of the time you will be surprised at how hard it is plus have more respect for the person doing it.





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