Fundamentals 2: Building Objects With Basic Forms

My in-laws are in town so I’m spending most of my day visiting with them while we checkout out different sights in Oregon. So, I’m trying to get back home at 9pm and work a couple hours on drawing, but last night I was just too tired after an hour and 45 minutes. But, I got a lot done on this drawing and I’m happy with how its progressing.

I noticed that my mind tends to get in the way a lot while drawing. Sometimes I will get into this mode of extreme accuracy and I will have to measure everything. Then after an hour I have nothing done. But if I just focus on comparative measurement and trust my intuition that my drawing is just as accurate, maybe a little less so, but I get much more accomplished and it seems more natural.

I started this drawing measuring like crazy, feeling a bit frustrated and not getting much done. Then I let go and started trusting myself a bit more. The drawing went much smoother after that. Of course I don’t have laser accuracy yet, and I’m super slow, but I know that comes with time.

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