Form in Repose: Session 6

There are huge advantages to posting the progression of artwork daily, but you must conquer any fears of inadequacy.

Every morning, well, almost every morning, I post the artwork I accomplished the day before. Sometimes it’s quite embarrassing for one reason or another, but the daily review with a fresh eye is well worth it.

I totally understand the fear of posting unfinished or “bad” work. It would be great if all my work was perfect and skilled all the time, yet that’s not reality, for anyone.

The advantage of posting the morning after is seeing the artwork with fresh eyes. A cliche “morning after” scene of two people meeting in the night comes to mind…

If you want fresh eyes don’t bother with turning you canvas upside down or viewing it through a mirror. Just use your cell phone and snap a photo of it. There is no clearer way of separating your acclimated perceptions from your artwork then seeing it in low resolution on a tiny screen.

Many times I’ve finish a days work thinking that I’ve really accomplished something great only to see it the next morning with dismay. But, you see, this is NOT a bad thing. The only way to improve is to recognize your mistakes, your short comings, and face them head on. For example I have way too many sharp edges in this current painting, also there are some parts of the figure that just look flat, the knee is a bit to prominent, the red in the face needs to be subdued a bit, improve the translucent look of skin, background needs work, etc… etc..

It would be great if we all had an accomplished artist as our instructor all the time. Who has the money for that? Maybe the camera is the next best thing?

Form in Repose: Session 6
Form in Repose: Session 6
Form in Repose: Session 6, detail
Form in Repose: Session 6, setup

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  1. Even though I’m not an artist, I appreciate the journey you are sharing with all of us, and know if it makes the difference in just one other person’s life, it is well worth it.


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