Form in Repose: Session 4

Tonight’s session I didn’t do much of painting the figure, I worked mostly on the background.

I needed to intensify the space between the figure and the background, basically I needed to add contrast either in value or color, or both. I chose a color similar to what is in the photo but after seeing it finished I’m going to move it closer to blue for further contras. I thought it was cool enough when adding it to the canvas but it seems the glare from the wet paint was obstructing the true color.

Once it’s dry, I’ll glaze a bit of blue over the background to set it off from the figure a bit more. I’ll also darken and lighten certain areas to further separate the figure and the background. But, I will look out for those special times when the back ground and the contour of the figure have just the right value and seem to meld together. Lost edges are really fun to play with.

At the moment there is a lighter color to the background around the far leg. It’s giving a kind of halo effect that is much too contrived looking. It happens when you’re too tentative while applying paint next to the figure. I created this problem myself by painting the figure on it’s own and not with the background.

A rule that I heard years ago from some famous artist, I don’t remember who. “Always paint into edges not just next to them”. As always there are no rules in art, but the purpose of this is to allow you to choose the firmness of the edge. If you only paint up to a contour all your edges will be sharp/hard. Basically for this painting I’ll need to paint around every contour again to play with the edge firmness.

Form in Repose: Session 4
Form in Repose: Session 4
Form in Repose: Session 4, detail
Form in Repose: Session 4, setup

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