Form in Repose 2: Session 7

I’m very slowly adding in detail across the figure utilizing transparency in many places.

I’ve figured out a process that, for now, I really enjoy. For each 2 hour session I choose a small portion of the figure that I’m going to focus on. By limiting myself to a small portion I prevent myself from rushing and making a mess. I find it quite relaxing to limit myself in this way.

Note to future self, when you’re in life drawing don’t go for super high detail over the entire figure. Recognize the time that you have, what you’re capable of finishing in the limited time and focus.

So first step is to, define limits based on time to improve focus.

The second step is to lightly coat the defined focus area with some linseed oil. Then with a clean paper towel blot any excess away. This step is only done after the block-in stage is done and dry. Adding linseed oil not only brings out the correct value and hue of the area I’m about to work on, but it also sets up the right amount of transparency that I’m looking for. My current palette already has mostly transparent colors so it doesn’t take much extra linseed oil for the viscosity I want. Plus, I never like mixing medium into my piles of paint, I like how they work right out of the tube.

So with these two steps I can refine the figure, with small or large adjustments to value, hue or chroma, while at the same time utilizing work I’ve already done with the block-in. Plus the transparency lends a really nice effect to the skin. As skin is naturally, somewhat transparent showing all kinds of anatomy through.

Form in Repose 2: Session 7
Form in Repose 2: Session 7
Form in Repose 2: Session 7, detail
Form in Repose 2: Session 7, setup


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