Form in Repose 2: Session 10

The figure is slowly fading into shadow and I’m finding it hard to fine anything to write about.

I’ve realized why I can’t find any advanced online courses for painting. Once you get past the basic ideas of drawing, value, color and composition the remaining is almost impossible to explain. Because at that point it’s all up to an artists interpretation, instinct or feelings.

Of course there are a lot of advanced aspects of composition, value and color that I really don’t go into. Such as value adjustments through the painting, or pushing the color scale/gamut, and I basically haven’t touched composition since I was doing still life long ago.

Well, in the future when I actually begin to compose a scene, or if I feel the need to interpret well beyond the photograph, then I will have some discussion on more advanced painting techniques. For now though I’m happy to progress within this current limited scope.

Form in Repose 2: Session 10
Form in Repose 2: Session 10
Form in Repose 2: Session 10, detail
Form in Repose 2: Session 10, setup

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