Form in Repose 2: Session 1

A beginning for the next painting currently only looks like a blank canvas.

I’m starting on the next painting which will be very similar to the one before. But, today’s session was full of distractions, good distractions.

I cheated a bit while drawing, I was on the phone talking with a good friend so my focus was almost zero. So I just used some digital means to get a quick drawing down on the canvas after preparing my paper and support.

I was basically tracing, but I plan to do my own drawing on the next session to make up for it. I usually employ digital means to double check my drawing for these long paintings anyways, but using a grid to draw without observation just feel like I’m short changing my growth.

Anyway, if you look hard you can see the drawing…

Form in Repose 2: #1
Form in Repose 2: #1
Form in Repose 2: #1, setup

The plan for the next painting

  1. Establish an accurate contour drawing.
  2. Establish the major separation through light and dark on the figure in the drawing.
  3. With graphite review the turn of the forms through the body and provide some surface lines for guidance when painting.
  4. Start painting and establish the background first all in one session, painting a little over the figure in the process.
  5. Begin painting the figure starting on the place of major focus.
  6. Continue for multiple sessions slowly working through the body.

Session Details