Flowers and China Study

I quickly ran to Micheals yesterday during my lunch break and picked up some artificial flowers that were very cheap. I have purchased real flowers many times but I’m so slow with rendering them that they would wilt or move before I could even get half way finished with them. Besides the artificial flowers today are manufactured really well and I feel that I can get just as good of training out of them as I would with real flowers.

I was in the zone tonight, my main goal was to take my time and focus and I did just that. I’m working on the fundamental concepts that I have learned within the Watts Atelier Online Course and trying as hard as I can to master these building blocks before beginning the next phase of my learning.

Although, I did start adding value to this drawing and almost immediately I didn’t like where it was going. I’m not sure if it is the paper or just my in ability to control the value. Most likely it’s my ability to not control the value, so when I finish the linear drawing of the entire still life and begin the value I will have to be very careful.

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