Flash Pose and Gestures

A new practice today from The Natural Way to Draw called “Flash Pose”.

The flash pose as described by Nicolaides…

“Even in the short space of one minute, is is possible to see a great many things about a model in a pose. The flash pose is to be tried as an experiment in which you will be forced to see the whole pose as a unit because there is not time enough to see more.

The model does not stay on the model stand. He rushes to the stand, does one thing in a flash of a second, and then leaves the stand again as quickly as possible. His action should be a simple one a putting his hand to his forehead or raising his arm, When you draw, you make a ‘flash’ scribbled drawing, recording only your basic reaction.”

I found this exercise very difficult. One that exposes one of my many shortcomings. The ability to capture the essence of a pose, of a figure and record it well on paper. The ability to recognize a feeling in a flash and communicate that through drawing while also remembering the “flash” of inspiration for longer than a few minutes. Something I need to practice many more times.

After doing the flash pose exercise, I moved on to the next, more 1 minute gestures.

Here are a couple quotes from Nicolaides about gestures that I liked.

“The gesture is the cement, the unifying element, that holds the various elements of the pose together.”

“The awareness of unity must be first and must be continuous.”

“For the truth is that by themselves the parts have no significant identity. You should attempt to read first the meaning of the pose, and to do this properly you should constantly seek the impulse.”

What went well?

Experienced a new exercise, the flash pose and had some fun learning what I need to work on.

What didn’t go so well?

My flash pose drawings need some work. Not really the drawings themselves the purpose is not to make good drawings but the ability to record a feeling or a flash of insight.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Loving The Natural Way to Drawing it is stretching me out of my comfort zone in ways that I could never think of on my own. Lots of great information on why gestures are so important.

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