After 9 days and about 18 hours of work on this painting I’m finished with it. My first painting for 2017 and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

This last session I focused on the foot and the background. I didn’t have much left to do for the last couple hours of work. So after finishing this, I started preparation for the next painting. I think the next painting is going to be female and I will probably work just as long on it.

First Painting For 2017
First Painting For 2017

Interesting note here, the arm on the right, chest and head of this figure used all flake white. The arm on the left used a flake white replacement by Gamblin and for the leg I used titanium white. I think without a doubt flake white and the flake white replacement is far superior to titanium white for flesh tones. I can barely tell the difference between the flake white and the flake white replacement though, I think I will let the cost decide on that one.

First Painting For 2017, setup


  • Session: 1437
  • Work: 1202
  • Width: 11"
  • Height: 15"
  • Medium: Oil
  • Location: Home
  • Art Time: 2
  • Creative Time:



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  1. This is remarkably well done. I can tell you put a lot of focus, energy, and skill into it (I think that’s the definition of “talent”).

  2. Your comment of “first painting of 2017” got me thinking, would you want to go through your sessions from the past year and post your top 5 favorite finished paintings? It might be a fun exercise for you…

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