First Day of Rhine River Cruise

This was officially our fist day of the rhine river cruise although the ship didn’t move from its port in Basel. We boarded the ship and organized our stuff in the very small cabin then headed off to the Basel Zoo.

The Basel zoo was great. For every animal we saw, there was a baby. It was kind of strange because every zoo we have ever been to has never had so many baby animals. We were wondering the whole time if the Basel zoo had a very aggressive stance on breeding. We also wondered if they have an issue with over population. But I’m sure all the visitors really liked seeing the young ones.zoo visit before rhine river cruise

The rhinos were very active. On rhino was trying very hard to start his own family but the female rhino wasn’t having it. So we got a nice show of one rhino chasing the other all over the exhibit.

basel zoo rhine rive cruiseSleeping big cats. I’m not sure why cats do it but even our cat at home likes to stack their paws, tail and head while sleeping.

After the zoo visit we headed back to the ship, I think we took a nap, not sure. But we did have dinner on the ship, it was our first dinner on the ship and it was very tasty. Then again after a long day I just did the bare minimum of drawing with a still life setup in the cabin of our room. I figured early on that the rhine river cruise wasn’t going to allow for much art time daily so I’m ok with doing just the bare minimum for these few days. I plan to get back to longer session when I return home, but for now its all about experiencing Europe.

The Setup

rhine river cruise cabin still life setup

The Subject

rhine river cruise cabin still life subject

Session Details