Finishing Spock and an Easy Art Day

Sunday morning and I’m taking it easy, just doing a few things I’ve committed to and finishing Spock.

The drawing that I had left to finish Spock was minimal, just his uniform. My main goal was to do it elegantly with my overall motive in mind and keep it from distracting away from the face.

finishing spock

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Reverse Gestures

A exercise that I’ve only done once or twice before out of The Natural Way to Draw, is the reverse gestures. Basically you mirror what you’re seeing. If the model is facing right then have them face left and switch the limbs.

The previous time I did these I remember them being easier but this morning I was really struggling to reverse the gesture in under three minutes.

Daily Composition

Our neighbor came to our door yesterday. The had lost there cat and he ended up going door to door looking for Cash (that’s the cat’s name). I felt really sorry for him. We have lost our beloved Kiddie once before and it was a nightmare.

daily composition

What went well?

Finishing Spock drawing!

What didn’t go so well?

I took it easy today because I didn’t have a ton of motivation so I stuck with my commitments and did what I could.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Having a motive will give you the motivation to develop new techniques and methods to express that motive.

2 thoughts on “Finishing Spock and an Easy Art Day”

  1. Yeah, the Spock is really really good. I just love how you made it with these straight edges, and I noticed today during dinner that even where the drawing “fades” out, you made into square edges (keeping the straight lines versus soft). Excellent job.


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