After 26 hours spread over 13 sessions I have finished this painting. This may be the best figure painting I’ve ever done, so far.

I think this painting was well worth the effort. I learned a lot while working on it and hope to get even better in the future. I’m sure if I do a bunch more of these I will get faster and I won’t have to be so detailed to describe what I want.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a great camera or setup to take the best pictures of my paintings. I have some extra money so I may finally put some effort into purchasing a nice camera and setting up my studio so I can take photos of my work without any glare or blurriness.

Finished, setup


3 thoughts on “Finished”

  1. I really like the detail of the abs. It’s really well done.
    And I don’t know if I have access to them anymore, but my Personal Training manual had some interesting poses that might be intriguing, if you decided to test those waters.


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