After 22 hours I’m finished with this painting. I’m not very happy with the outcome but I’ve learned from it and that is great.

Well, I’m happy with the models face. It seem I did that part well, I was able to see the planes of the head and face and describe them simply yet accurately. But, the rest of the body has turned into an over modeled mass of lumps. There are parts that I like beyond the face but not enough to point out.

I’m thinking that I need to step back again and focus on some basic concepts that I just can’t quite get. Even when looking at photos I’m finding it very hard to determine the simple shapes of a form. Or the simple planes that make up the mass. For the next figure painting I do, I may on only use a larger brush and simplify the forms into planes with correct value and color. Then after that I’ll work into the detail when necessary.


In the inspiration of stepping back to some basic concepts here is a list of neglected skills that I need to work into my schedule.

  • Gesture
  • Simplifying form
  • Charcoal drawing
  • Still life
  • Landscape
Finished, setup

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