After 20 hours of work I’m done with this painting.

I’m happy with it but now I’m thinking about how long I want to continue doing these long term figures at this size.

I feel that patience is extremely important with art making because it is so easy to move from one subject, style or technique to another without spending a lot of time learn all there is of each. I feel that I’m just scratching the surface of what I can learn from doing these long term 16″ x 12″ figure paintings. So I’m going to set a minimal goal for myself. I will continue to do these painting until my current supply of hot pressed watercolor paper has run out. That is about 18 more sheets I think. After that time, I’m sure I will still do the figure but I’m going to have to push them further. Eventually I know that I want these figure to mean more than just themselves, not just a well rendered figure on canvas. Until then I have an average of 360 more hours (~180 days) on this, I think that should be a good amount of time to learn all I can.

Finished, setup

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