Finally Home After the Longest Day Ever

After two and a half weeks in Europe we began our return trip home today and it was the longest day of our lives. Mainly because we were traveling west fast enough to constantly catch the sun and enter a new time zone. We left around 11am in Amsterdam and got home at 11pm, but we had been traveling for much longer than that.

I was dead tired, and I hadn’t yet completed a sketch. These are the times when its terribly hard to keep with my goal of at least 30 minute of art every day. But my achievements in the past continue to propel me forward and help me through these harder days. I look back at all of my consecutive session and say…

I’m at 969 consecutive days in a row, there is no way in hell that I’m going to break it now

Sketch at the end of the longest day of our lives I was so glad to be home that I drew my easel and taboret. These are two things that really represent home to me and I thought it fitting. Kiddy missed us also, he wouldn’t leave my side.

my art setup that I sketched after longest day ever

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