Figure Study 4

Even thought these figure studies are small paintings I’m beginning to feel like they need more that 3 hours of work. This is the fourth figure study in a series that I’m not sure how long is going to last, but I’m having fun right now so that’s what matters most.

I’m going slow, taking my time, trying not to waste any effort and making each stroke count. This may be why they are taking so long, I’ll have to break one up into a couple session and increase the working time on it to close to 6 hours and see what I come up with.

Maybe the biggest issue I have is not taking paintings to a much more finished state, I’m not sure, so I should try.

Figure Study 4, Setup

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  1. Having fun is so important in these journeys- whether it’s fitness, art, or even work. If it’s not fun, then it won’t be worth doing in the long run, at least that’s my opinion and take on things.
    i think the projects you have the most fun doing and end up spending the most time and energy on tend to look the most impressive too. Again, my opinion.


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