Figure Study 3

Painting tonight was a struggle, not only did I have trouble with the drawing of this figure study but there were a lot of distractions around me pulling my attention away. The day to day life stuff I just need to deal with though, the world will turn wether I’m painting or not.

I had a lot of trouble with the first hour of painting, only realizing my drawing errors after much too long.

Figure Study 3, failed attempt
Failed attempt after wipe out

Pattie and I went to a writers social gathering after I was an hour or so into this painting and I knew that when I returned I would scrape it out with a palette knife. The great thing about using a palette knife is you don’t lose all the work you put into the painting, you basically just turn it into a ghost of itself and work it up from there.

Figure Study 3, setup

After re-working the drawing and racking my brain on how best to turn the forms I ended up with a nice study.

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