Figure Starts #4

This figure start went much smoother because I started the drawing in pencil before beginning painting. I may have to continue with this method.

After two hours I got much further in painting then the other figure starts. I think this was mostly due to me rushing while painting. The drawing, even with pencil, an implement that I find much more accurate than a brush, still took as long as with a brush. But, I do think that I was able to get the drawing more accurate with the pencil than with the brush.

I didn’t have to use a pencil. This was the first thing close at hand for me. I could have used charcoal but I have experienced charcoal lifting into the paint previously.

Even though I was rushing through the block-in with paint I still feel that this painting held together well. If I wanted to continue with it I believe I could turn this into a well-rendered figure. All of the drawing and value issues have been figured out and established. The rest would be just the fun of modeling the form.

Figure Starts #4
Figure Starts #4
Figure Starts #4, drawing
Figure Starts #4, setup

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