Figure Starts #3

For my third figure start I didn’t want to make the figure too small so I ended up cropping half of the model off the page. With this session I find that I still struggle the most with setting up the initial drawing.

Maybe I need to start the drawing in charcoal. It seems to be an implement that I can have more control over. I’m not sure that will help but I think I will try it next session.

Figure Starts #3
Figure Starts #3

Modeling the form is the fun part though. After I got the drawing set and pretty close I can mix up some skin tones and start making the figure jump off the canvas.

figure start #3, compare

In this image above I overlayed my painting on top of the original image. My drawing was close enough that I had to draw outlines in pink to see the difference. The drawing is not perfect of course but it is not way off either so I’m happy about that. But, it took me almost the entire two hour session to get the drawing done. I would like to get the figure drawn well in about 30 minutes and that would give me an hour and a half to have fun.

Figure Starts #3, setup

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