Figure Start: Keeping It Simple

I’m itching to get back to working from the live model. For this painting, I was keeping it simple by using basic shapes and minimal colors.

I still have to wait till January before the life drawing here on the island starts up again. I’m hoping that I don’t fail miserably at painting from the live figure once I get back into that weekly habit. I’m still skeptical about drawing and painting from a¬†photograph, I feel as though there are too many possibilities for laziness here.

On the other hand, whenever I figure out some subject matter with a purpose I’m almost certain that I will be working from photographs. So in that instance working from photo is some great experience.

Figure Start: Keeping It Simple
Figure Start: Keeping It Simple
Figure Start: Keeping It Simple, setup

2 thoughts on “Figure Start: Keeping It Simple”

  1. When I see how inspirational and motivating going to your live drawing every week can be, I agree that we should, I should, facilitate you getting that interaction and opportunity as frequently as possible. I think going to Gage at least once a month will also keep that motivation strong.
    There may be opportunities in other areas of Whidbey, and maybe we can work something out with Captain Whidbey Inn where you can utilize a room there for an artist meet-up. Coupeville is a great half-way point for North and South Whidbey…


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