Figure Start: Indifferent

I chose this photo because I wanted to practice with a face as well as a body. Unfortunately, I found myself indifferent to the paintings outcome and not really caring.

We all know about physical energy and what it takes to do something such as, get up and go to the store, or do a workout. But, we don’t think much about mental energy such as motivation or inspiration. I’ve said to people before that I feel like I could do a physical job all day and still come home and paint. But doing art all day would leave me drained. It is my thought that the energy used in doing art is a mental energy, and comes from a completely different store than physical energy.

Most of my struggle is trying to harness motivation and inspiration, I think we all struggle with this. I feel it is an elusive energy that is much more powerful than the physical. Motivation and inspiration will lead us to much higher goals in anything we do including physical things like sports. After all our true driving force is our motivation and inspiration, muscles just link the mental to the physical.

Figure Start: Indifferent, setup

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