Figure Start: Hidden Habits

I’m sitting here looking at a wall of figure paintings that I’ve done over the past few months and I’m noticing a hidden habit of my own.

I tend to choose photos in which the model’s face is hidden or obscured. I’m almost certain I do this subconsciously¬†because painting a model without a portrait is easier. Over the years I have recognized many hidden habits of my own and most of them stem from what I perceive as being easy. For example, I think still life is easier to paint than a figure and I tended to work on nothing but still life.

I’m sure there are many paths¬†through this journey that I have taken because one looks easier than the other. In some instances, it’s not bad, but most of the time I’m running from difficult challenges. Facing these challenges and conquering them is what is going to make me a better artist.

Figure Start: Hidden Habits
Figure Start: Hidden Habits
Figure Start: Hidden Habits, setup

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