Figure Start: The Awkward Stage

There always seems to be a point in a painting where it kinda, maybe, sorta looks alright… The “Awkward Stage” as I call it, is the fork in the road of the paintings progress where it could¬†take a turn for the worse.

Not all paintings reach this stage of awkwardness, some fail before they even get to it and some look great at every stage. But, on thing is for sure, you have to be careful at this stage and move forward slowly. One wrong brush stroke could ruin it all… No, just kidding, it takes a ton of bad strokes to ruin a painting but before you know it that all adds up.

So this painting is at the awkward stage, but the structure is sound and that is what counts most. If I got to this point and there were a ton of drawing errors then I would start over. As it stands now I think another session on this will produce a good painting.

Figure Start: The Awkward Stage
Figure Start: The Awkward Stage
Figure Start: The Awkward Stage, setup

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