Figure Start: Art, Health and Your State of Mind

Over these past 1400 + days I’ve been confronted over and over again with one truth in my art. My health, the way I feel and the state of my mind before and during a session is directly linked to my success as an artist.

Today’s session sucked. “Why did it suck?”, you may ask. Well, my painting session today was doomed to suck the moment I awoke in the morning. I didn’t get enough sleep. During the whole session, I could barely keep my eyes open, I was so tired that it was impossible for me to focus. I just wanted to be done with my two hours and go take a nap. Yesterday I was talking about how important focused practice is over just practice alone. Then today I forget about the all important preparation for my daily practice.

I’ll make this short, I dislike writing, I suck at it and besides I like to get directly to the point.

If you want to be a great artist you MUST take care of yourself. Eat healthy, go to the gym regularly, and get enough sleep.

I’ve always felt bad for not being able to spend 8 hours a day on art. But, when thinking about how the rest of my day goes I find that I spend my ENTIRE day on preparation for my art sessions.

I hit the gym about 5 days a week or more. Going to the gym and working out is by far the most important thing I do weekly. I’m more focused, I have more energy and my mood is always better on a regular workout schedule. I have my wife to thank for this, if it wasn’t for her I would be much less of a man.

I eat healthy and locally. More than just counting calories we try as hard as we can to have a good balance of leafy greens and protein. No junk food or soda ever enters our home.

Sleep… Yeah, even though I go to bed early enough sometimes I just wake up too soon. Lots of times I can blame that on my cat, but other times it’s my fault. The painting today failed due to lack of sleep so this one may be more important than anything.

I would say that almost all my successes and failures can be directly linked to my state of mind while working. The problem is, that most people don’t see that their success in everything is linked directly with their health.

Want some extreme motivation to workout? Find something you love to do and make a direct psychological link between its success and your health.

Figure Start: Art, Health and Your State of Mind, setup


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  1. Maybe this is actually my issue as well. I am lacking the determination and willpower to sit and write, but then I’m not establishing the healthiest of habits- on computer/phone late at night, not logging meals throughout the day, mindless snacking, not strenuous enough met-con….
    I’m glad you feel that I’ve made a difference in your life. I appreciate that.


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