Figure Sketching From YouTube

I ask you to be patient with my posts for the next few days or weeks. I’m not producing my best work but I’m doing something daily and that is what counts for me. Tonight I setup my sketch book on an easel and did some figure sketching from Youtube.

Over and over again I find that if I’m lacking focus or the willingness to put in the time my work will always suffer. Especially focus, this seems to be the key to making any drawing or painting successful. Several times I’ve spent a short amount of time on a painting or drawing that was very successful but my focus was always there. Tonights drawings lacked a lot of  that focus, and when dealing with ink where every mark is set in stone from the beginning focus is paramount.

If every great work is built on a foundation of failed work then I’m currently building a massive foundation for my future masterpieces.

Figure Sketching From YouTube: second sketch
second sketch
Figure Sketching From YouTube: setup

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