Figure Sketch in Oil

I’m continuing my work with the figure tonight by doing a male figure sketch in oil. I didn’t spend too long on this one, but I think it went well.

Figure Sketch in Oil setup photo
Setup photo

I was surprised that the drawing of this sketch went so smoothly. I was working mostly with form rather than line and blocked in the general placement of the figure quickly. From there I focused on modeling the light areas of the figure and trying to match the value and color as best as possible.

One thing I really noticed about painting from photographs, especially a photo that I haven’t taken, is the lack of color in flesh. I know for a fact when I look at a model or myself in the mirror I see far more indications of color than what I was looking at tonight. Most of the skin on the model tonight seemed to hover around an ochre color, and only in a few places did it go into alizarin and red.



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