Figure: Pulling it All Together, Session 2

I’m very happy with how this figure turned out. Plus I’m sure to get better with the more that I do. I wish that I could paint more from life but as it is now I don’t have the money to pay for a model to pose.

I like the outcome here, although it may look a bit overworked. I was trying hard to get some of the stranger colors in the figure to look correct. You wouldn’t believe all the greens and grays that are¬†actually in the skin tones. I think these subdued tertiary colors are necessary though to set off the more vibrant reds in the skin.

The biggest contributor to the success of this painting is patience. Many time during the painting I had to take a small break, or a breath and tell myself to slow down, not to rush and observe.

Figure: Pulling it All Together, Session 2, setup

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