Figure Painting Start, Need a Bigger Canvas

I spent a lot of time finding my next figure to paint, I even re-subscribed to New Masters Academy. But, after spending lots of time on the drawing I need a bigger canvas.

When fitting the entire figure on a 16″ X 12″ sheet of paper causes the fingers and toes to be just a bit larger than the tip of your pencil, then it is time to go bigger.

Figure Too Small
Figure Too Small

Needless to say, trying to paint some of the details this small will be too difficult. Beside I want to work on simplifying the planes of the figure and I can’t do that when I can barely see what I’m doing.

Figure Too Small, setup

Fun side note, the next picture was taken right before the above picture. At first I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my camera, why couldn’t it see the image on my iMac, or the graphite on the canvas. Then I twisted my polarizing filter and it all came back. I took a few minutes playing around with making my drawing and the image on the monitor disappear like magic.

Figure Too Small, magic
Magically disappearing graphite and computer image.

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