Figure Painting Session 3: Losing Direction

My first two sessions went really well because I had a goal and a clear direction. But this session didn’t go near as well and I feel as if the whole painting is falling apart.

I should have focused on planes of color and value. I started with her head and spent about two hours of work that eventually at the end I didn’t like and softened out in preparation to paint over it for the next session.

I guess I can blame my lack of concentration on the dumpster fire that is our election. But I’m not the most eloquent person to be writing about such things so here is a post by Earth Fit that I find to be my exact sentiments.

Figure Painting Session 3: Losing Direction, before
Before I softened the whole thing
Figure Painting Session 3: Losing Direction, setup

1 thought on “Figure Painting Session 3: Losing Direction”

  1. I do think that yesterday was a weird, foggy day. My workout in the morning flopped. Our mid-day workout was blase at best. Even getting my hair done didn’t help improve my mood much. I was sleepy, uninspired, and moody. It’s just a phase of grieving. I would suggest this feeling is perfectly normal.
    This too shall pass. And you and I will either get off our butt and do what we’ve talked about for years, or we will stick it out as warriors against a very scary regime. Either way, we will get through it, and we will return to our normal self-expressing selves with the same rigor as before.


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