Figure Painting: Session 1, Canvas and Charcoal

The beginning of a new figure painting. I spent a lot of my time today getting the canvas ready and choosing an image that I liked.

I have painted this figure before. Back in June of this year, I was doing some color studies of figures and I liked this pose. I’ve actually painted and drawn this model many times, he is one of the best from New Masters Academy, in my opinion. If you are wondering what I’m painting on. It’s Strathmore cold press watercolor paper, 11×15 sheets out of a block. Then I cover it with at least 4 or 5 coats of acrylic gesso. The important thing here is that I spread thin layers of gesso with a speedball printing roller to get a perfect texture. One day I will have to write out the process.

I find it interesting that after doing 5 or so similar paintings that I begin to worry about being monotonous. Honestly, I shouldn’t be worrying about something like this until after 30 or more similar paintings. I’m not sure if it is my brain or if I’m being influenced by current social trends, but it seems like I and everyone has lost the idea of “slow”, “long term”, or “mastery”. In fact, for web design, everything revolves around short bits that are easy to digest. Paragraphs need to be short, a 20-minute youtube video is too long, and a sentence that runs more than 500 pixels across the screen isn’t read anymore.

Well, I could be totally wrong about all that, but I feel that I should focus on these figure paintings for a lot longer. Maybe a whole year, I’m not sure.

Figure Painting: Session 1, Canvas and Charcoal

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