Figure Painting Practice

At some point I’m thinking I want to focus primarily on the figure in my artwork so tonight I spend some time doing some figure painting practice. I’m not sure if it’s the photo or just painting figures in general, but this is difficult.

Tuesday nights at my local open studio has a long 3 hours pose session, I may have to bring my paints in then and see how well I do with a live model because I’m thinking it’s harding painting from photograph. I could be wrong though, it could be that just painting the figure in general is very difficult.

The main issue is with the color and value of the photo I was using. Now that I’m looking at it on this screen I see that a lot of the values are very close to white and that wouldn’t be true in real life. Also there are a few colors with a really high chroma. I can blame the photo only so much though. I could have at least gotten the relative values correct, hmm…

Looks like I need more practice, but I’m excited about the prospect.

Figure Painting Practice, setup

Figure Painting Practice: Post inspiration

Quiang Huang figure painting
Quiang Huang figure painting

Now this is a wonderful painting! I found this amazing painting by Quiang Huang on Dailypainters. This is the kind of skill in painting the figure that I would like to have.

2 thoughts on “Figure Painting Practice”

  1. Chris,

    long time lurker here.

    I just wanted to let you know that as a person on a similar journey, your work and blog is inspiring. I am a much lower level than you were even at the beginning of this blog, many years ago.

    I really love your paintings. Even the simplest everyday objects are painted with energy, vigour, and they seem to “live” behind the image. I love the way you handle the values, the way you design the canvas, and the balance of darkness and light. I can learn so much from your posts and work.

    Please keep going. As it is for me, your blog is certain to be an inspiration for some that like me were for too long too lazy to even comment.



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