Figure in Oil: Finished

I’m happy to finished with this figure in oil painting, I’m also happy that I stuck with it for so long. One thing I really need to work on is longevity for individual paintings, most of my finished work is finished in under 3 hours.

Figure in Oil: finished, 1 hour session
last 1 hour sesssion

I have learned a lot with this painting. As a review for myself here is a short list of things that I have observed while doing this painting.

  1. I need to slow down and get it as correct as I can with every stroke.
  2. Blending each stroke is not necessary, instead recognized the value and color shift over the form and paint that.
  3. Hard edged brushes leave hard edge paint strokes, use a worn bristle brush for a more natural texture.
  4. Mix piles of paint before you start, at least a value range of 5 piles from dark to light in similar to the skin tone of the model.
  5. Draw the figure in charcoal first for better accuracy.
  6. Don’t start painting until the drawing is correct.
  7. Have the right materials that work for me.
  8. Recognize my mood and cut the session short or takes beaks if I need.
  9. Snap a photo of painting to check progress.
figure in oil: finished, close up
close up
figure in oil: finished, setup

Session Details