Figure in Oil

This may be the best figure in oil that I have done this month. It feels so good to figure out the materials that I like using most and from here on I think I will make slight adjustments.

I have a whole stack of brushes and most of them are completely different. For this painting I started picking up different brushes and trying out each one. Some brushes I put down right away, and others I used for a bit before I put it back making a mental note not to purchase its type any more. But, there was one brush that I thought I wouldn’t like at all but I was loving during this painting.

This is a synthetic brush by Princeton, 6300 series. You can see the details about the brush here. I think I may have to order more though.

For most of this painting I began working each area in planes of color. The planes seem to be easier to see on male models but regardless this may be the best way to describe 3 dimensional form with paint. I’ll continue to try and see these planes as I work.

Figure in Oil, setup

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