Figure in Oil

So, in order to be as scientific as possible I’m trying to compare my failure with yesterdays figure in gouache with a figure in oil.

I started this painting and almost immediately I was comfortable with its working properties. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the difference between the working qualities of gouache and oil, or if it’s my experience with them both. I just know that I instantly liked oil better.

Figure in Oil
Figure in Oil

So, using the same reference and a similar palette, plus spending the same exact amount of time ( 1hour) this is the painting that I came up with. It’s a huge improvement over yesterdays painting and I enjoyed painting it more.

Figure in Oil, before background
Before background

This was before I put the background on, I was afraid it wouldn’t work out well and I wanted to document the before and after.

Figure in Oil, setup


Here is a video of the what I would like to accomplish with painting from the figure, either from photograph or live. Basically I want to be able to capture a good sketch of the figure within less than an hour. I think it is achievable with lot of practice.


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