Figure In Oil: Third Session

Today was so busy that art had to wait till 8 at night. I wanted to have much more time on the third session for this figure in oil painting but it just could not happen. I worked on it but I should have recognized my mood and shortened the session.

Months ago I would paint at night, starting late, around 8pm. For the past few months though I switched my time to right when I get off work. I know this time has worked well for me but I didn’t realize how much more focus I had earlier in the day.

The painting tonight was frustrating to say the least and it was all due to my mental state. I was tired, and frustrated that I was painting so late. The bad thing is that these emotions transfer directly to my work. Next time I hope to recognize my mood earlier and cut the session short before I mess up the work.

Figure In Oil: Third Session, setup

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