Figure In Gouache: Session 2

My second session on this figure in gouache and I’m painting with much more detail in the only way I really know how to do detail in gouache. This is mostly an experiment really and I’ll probably try a few other things before the week is up.

I really enjoy painting with gouache, I don’t have a great set of paints only the primary colors plus black and white but it’s nice to deal with something that sticks when I put it down for a change.

I’m not really sure of the technique I’m using here of small crosshatching type strokes to get detail and blending. I enjoy this medium enough that I’m going to have to try some other techniques of painting with it. For now just showing up daily and doing the work is the most important to me, I don’t care about a finished painting at the moment, that will come later.

Figure in Gouache: Session 2, setup

Session Details