Figure in Gouache: New Month New Focus and a little lost

For this month I have decided to focus on the figure in gouache and the transition to this medium from a month of charcoal drawing is difficult.

I’m not really sure exactly what I’m going to do for the next few days. I just know it’s going to be all about experimenting with gouache. Although I don’t want to do 3 hour long paintings of the figure in gouache, I would like to be able to keep each painting down to about 20 minutes, forcing myself to focus on simplification. I still hold to the idea that a good piece is made in the first few minutes and this is where I want to improve.

figure in gouache, start 1
Start 1
figure in gouache, setup
figure in gouache, wipe out 1
wipe out 1

I didn’t like where that was going so I wiped it out. I liked the wiped out version better actually.

figure in gouache, start 2
start 2

And the second attempt was even worse, I think I need to really slow down and focus.

figure in gouache, wipe out 2
wipe out 2
figure in gouache, start 3
start 3

Maybe charcoal along with gouache? like I said, I’m experimenting.

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