Figure Drawing With Line and Value

I didn’t give much thought to what I should be working on tonight, I just felt like drawing a figure so I pulled out my iPad and picked a reference photo to work from. It was a nice study on proportion line and value. And I figured out by the end that I really like line over value especially in this setting with these materials.

Like every drawing session I start with my warmup page.

Figure Drawing With Line and Value: warmup page
Warmup page

Here is the setup. The easel I have makes it very easy to clamp on my iPad and I support my super light and tough foam-coar board on the easel also.

Figure Drawing With Line and Value: setup image
Setup image

I worked hard on getting the proportions on this drawing correct. You can see a lot of corrections in the not so erased lines on the page. The key to getting it right was having focus and working slowly.

Figure Drawing With Line and Value: focus on line
Focus on line

Then, what usually is the fun part in painting, I began to add value to the drawing. It may be because of the tooth of the page plus the size of the drawing but I really don’t like the value added to the figure. After finishing the value I was happy that I worked on it but I preferred the drawing just with line at the end.

Figure Drawing With Line and Value: the addition of value
The addition of value

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