Figure Drawing Study

Tonight was a short night of figure drawing study. I’m fighting with longevity issues when doing my Tuesday night figure work and I’m not sure how to motivate myself to get up to at least 2 and a half hours of work.

I spend about 10 minutes warming up with oval, circle and line practice. The objective here is to produce well formed ovals and circles in a pre-determined space with clean lines. It’s much harder than it looks.

Figure Drawing Study: warmup page
Warmup page

My gestures went ok tonight. There are a couple on here that I felt like I was beginning to understand, but for the most part I couldn’t get a full gestural line through the entire body. I will say it again, this is a skill I need to work on a lot.

Figure Drawing Study: 2 minute gestures
2 Minute gestures

So this figure drawing study went really well. I’m following the “envelope” and “block-in” technique from Anthony Ryders book that I also used on my last life drawing session. Although, I had to redraw the legs because I made them way too big. This is the largest issue with working from top to bottom on a figure, every artists will tend to increase distances the further they move from their starting point, or constant. But it was easy to fix, I just erased the legs and measured with head heights and redrew them.

Like Richard Schmid says “Never knowingly leave anything ‘wrong’ on your canvas”.

Figure Drawing Study: figure drawing
Drawing for accuracy
Figure Drawing Study: drawing accuracy setup
Drawing for accuracy setup

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