Same Figure, Different Medium

It’s quite a shock going from one medium to another with the same subject for some reason. I wanted to paint this figure in oil and try and replicate the dryness of gouache but quickly figured out that it was never going to be like gouache.

This is me doing research. I’m trying out different techniques and different mediums to try and figure out a longer term focus. I like oil, it’s one of the best mediums but it has many drawbacks. I like gouache also, but it too has many issues you have to deal with. One thing I really like about them both is that they are so different in their look and working properties.

For tonight I was going to work the oil paint very similar to how I work the gouache but that was just not happening. I tried the tiny strokes with the oil but half the time they didn’t want to go down right and ever subsequent stroke pull up the last. I can see how an artists going from one to the other could get really frustrated. So I wen with what the medium wanted at the end and focused on broader strokes trying to simplify the figure into planes of simple value and color. But I tend to blend way too much. I think one of the best exercises I could do currently is work on keeping all my strokes minimal and simple, to paint in planes and not blend too much.

Same Figure, Different Medium, setup

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