Female Figure Painting: Session 6, Slow Down

It seems that I need to be constantly reminded to slow down. I’ve finally got this figure painting under control and only because I’ve started to relax and work at a very slow pace.

I’m always in a rush to get to the end. Most artists are the same I think. We want to see the success of the painting happen, or at least get to the end and see if it is successful. Unfortunately, we forget that success is dependent on the journey. I’m not sure why I’m using “we” here, mainly I’m talking about myself…

Female Figure Painting: Session 6, Slow Down, detail

At this point, I know this painting is going to take many more sessions. So I just relaxed and decided that there is no way I’m going to finish the painting today. In fact, I was sure I wasn’t going to even finish the head in this session. So I accepted the time needed and just slowed down, this is the only way that I could increase my focus on exactly what I was doing. Because of this focus, I feel as though this may turn out to be a very good painting.

Female Figure Painting: Session 6, Slow Down, setup

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