Female Figure Painting: Session 10

I feel as though I’m not getting enough focus on time daily on this figure painting. I’m at session 10 now and I’m sure I could have been done with this painting days ago if I could carve out 3 hours a day.

Finding the time is always a struggle for me. I guess it would be more accurate to say that finding MORE time is always a struggle for me. I have no issue with spending the minimal time on art every day but, 30 minutes is just not enough to get deep into any activity. I don’t feel like I learn as much daily unless I spend at least two ours working. Well, I’ll keep moving forward, but when I retire I plan on spending most of my day on art,¬†that is, when I’m not yelling at a waitress for my senior discount. haha!

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  1. We just started our cycle of workouts, we can still play around with the time a little. There are very few constraints around us and I think we can find a way to accommodate both our schedules as best as possible.


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