Female Figure Painting: Finished

After eleven sessions on this female figure painting from a photograph, I’m finished. I’m very pleased with the finished painting with some reservations on the composition.

Female Figure Painting: Finished
Female Figure Painting: Finished

Honestly, I really haven’t given much thought about composition for these figurative works. I see them more as serious practice than anything. The goal of this painting was to learn as much as I could about painting the figure and for the next few paintings, I will do the same. Eventually, when I figure out how a want to portray my figurative works, then composition will come into play.

Female Figure Painting: Finished, detail top
Detail Top

Many parts of this painting I feel are overworked but I haven’t yet learned the masterful art of describing more with less yet. I believe that that comes with time and lots of experience.

Female Figure Painting: Finished, detail bottom
Detail Bottom

I also have to work on matching color better between sessions. The bottom half of the figure is a bit red comparatively to the top.

Female Figure Painting: Finished, setup

The next painting will be similar but I’m going to pick out a male figure from the bank of images at New Masters Academy.

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